The Conversation

The stills that compose The Conversation are born from a thorough study on ethology and animal behavior that I dedicated to over the recent years. These issues, assembled next to each other in no particular order, create images that only partially refer to the original idea, yet invent new realities.
In The Flight series mating behaviours in animals and in humans are mixed, and so are birds’ flying strategies and the experiments on animal language such as those conducted on Viki by Mr/Mrs Hayes in the 50s.
In the series Land Escapes, what I imagine is the “escape” of the landscape as observed by birds during migration. I wanted to contaminate this idea with the use of graphics and elements of lettering, recalling an order invisible to our eyes but very concrete for birds. The navigation of the skies follows precise rules, it refers to astronomical and terrestrial magnetism, the passing of seasons and the shape of the land below.
In Solido dei Dialetti, I have shaped the sound of birds in polyhedra that recalls the technical drawings related to the study of dialects in animals.
I have developed these topics in the form of collages, using Impossible Project instant film and a Polaroid Duplicator called Kiron Printer.
In the series Constellations, a digital collage of vintage books, the complex relationships within the animal groups are translated and organized in hypothetical constellations.