The Conversation @Impossible Paris



Exhibition at The Impossible Project Space, Paris

The ecological baseline syndrome is the tendency for everybody to believe that the correct and natural state of the environment is the one they have experimented in the years of their own infancy.

For our perception, the years of the infancy constitute a “line of environmental base” to which we try to return.

In this series of collages, which theme is the relationship (the conversation) between men and animals, I have tried to evoke the colors and the images that have fed my own infancy’s books, in the kodachrome tones of the ‘90s, from the Atlas of the animal kingdom that I would receive every Christmas, and that have formed my imagination.

I have made them collide with my present, made of an in-depth study in ethology, scientific experiments and animal behaviors, seeking some images that could also represent in their form this free mental auto-clash.