The Lack on M Le Monde

M Le Magazine du Monde published a portfolio on the project The Lack, On Goliarda Sapienza Imagery.

From the project:

Goliarda Sapienza is now recognized as one of the most important Italian authors, yet she was during her life forgotten and opposed by the literary and political environment. At the time of her death, not even a page of her work was in bookstores.
Two years later, her husband Angelo Pellegrino, decides to publish “The art of joy” (600 pages) at his expense, activating a vital circuit that leads to the publication of the book in France in 2005. Acclaimed as one of the masterpieces of the twentieth century, the book remains at the top of the charts for weeks and in 2008 Einaudi publishes her work in Italy. Despite this success, Goliarda Sapienza remains, in my opinion, visually underestimated.
This project aims to give a representation of the imagery and mental universe of Goliarda Sapienza, looking for images that could talk about her identity, clarify her position and the visual force of her writing.
In the development of the “The Lack” project, I decided to go precisely to the places where Sapienza lived or talk about, to meet in various forms the visible and invisible traces of her presence.
I met Angelo Pellegrino, husband of Goliarda Sapienza, we made together a map of her places and he helped me to understand a life in which biography and fiction often overlap and mingle.
The project, started in December 2017, is ongoing.