Some books during childhood indelibly mark ‘s imagination, they set in motion a
sort of enchantment towards reality.
Often are school books that are seen in primary, giving the first time to the knowledge of the world. In these books, children sometimes find their education to dream, beyond what is given to them by the school system.
I researched these books, and identified some technical characteristics that make a book on animals really our book of childhood about animals:  technicolor-style images, dithering very obvious, some smudges of color.
The study of ethology in recent years has attracted me in the same spell, this time for the animal behavior, for relations that are structured between animals and between them and humans.
From the stratification of these elements comes Constellations, where relationships within families of animals construct the shape of the constellation, an hypothetical reflection in the sky of the natural order on earth. From small to large, from the everyday to the infinity, from intraspecific relationships to stellar distances.



Digital collages from vintage books on animals, 2011